Cochrane & Area Hospice Society



Cochrane and the surrounding Area is a community with all palliative, end of life, and bereavement care services and supports available.


To ensure availability of exemplary palliative, end of life, and bereavement care options in the community of Cochrane and the surrounding Area.

Guiding Principles & Values

Exemplary Services: We serve as a desirable model representing the best of its kind.
Sustainability: We endeavour to maintain financial, volunteer, and qualified member resources.
Accessibility: We value inclusive, culturally sensitive and equitable supports and services.
Confidentiality: We value the privacy of the individual and of the organization.
Collaboration: We value partnership, open communication, and community engagement.
Respect: We believe that all people are equal and deserve equal access and opportunities.

Our Long Term Goal:

Partnering with Community Senior Facilities to Provide End of Life Support in Collaboration with the Cochrane and Area Hospice Society

The Cochrane and Area Hospice Society has a longer term interest in create collaborative partnerships with local senior care facilities. The goal is to create the availability of dedicated palliative rooms (beds) that would allow those experiencing an end-of-life journey to remain in community during this process.

Models of this type of collaboration are presently under assessment to ensure that a model is developed that suits the needs of the Cochrane and Area community.