Palliative Community Consult Team


The Edmonton Zone Palliative Community Consult Team (EZPCCT) provides specialized palliative care consultation for adults diagnosed with a life limiting illness.

EZPCCT is a team of palliative physicians, nurse practitioners, and registered nurses. The EZPCCT clinicians assess persons in their homes, supportive and facility living settings and other community-based facility settings. The palliative consultants do not assume care. They work with the person's current medical providers in a specialized and consultative role to manage symptoms and transition through the illness trajectory. The person's Primary Health Care Provider remains the Most Responsible Provider.

Once a referral is received, the EZPCCT clinicians will contact the person / caregiver(s) in accordance with the urgency and availability (e.g. 24-72 hours).
Consults may be requested by physicians or nurse practitioners providing primary care to the person. Examples of services include:

Symptom assessment and management recommendations (e.g., pain, nausea, anxiety, dyspnea, psychosocial and emotional distress.)
Complex conversations and goals of care discussions.
Education about disease progression and care needed for end of life.
Hospice assessments and information related to the hospice admission process and end of life care. The palliative consultants also assist with the Out of Zone hospice admission process throughout Alberta