Primary Care Networks


Primary Care Networks follow a team-based health care model. Doctors and health care professionals such as nurses, mental health therapists, social workers and dietitians work collaboratively to provide integrated care for all your primary health care needs.

There are 40 PCNs in Alberta. Together they represent more than 3,800 doctors and 1,000 health care providers & serve close to 3.6 million Albertans.

What programs and services do PCN's offer?

Workshops - Workshops are designed to meet the unique needs of your community and are available to help patients better manage their physical and mental health.

After hours - Many PCNs offer out-of-hours or same-day care or support to patients who can't get in to see their doctor.

Health teams - Teams of health professionals such as nurses, mental health therapists, dietitians and social workers support family doctors to ensure patients receive the care they need.

Access - Networks of doctors, health professionals and specialists work together to reduce wait times, cut system costs and improve access to care.