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AHPCA Virtual Roadshow November 25, 2020

7 Tips to Feel Empowered and Resilient

Feeling exhausted, burned out, angry and isolated? If you call a friend to connect, you likely find that they too are grieving, in a ...
crisis, suffering a loss or just having a really bad day. The pandemic has been hard on all of us for so many reasons.

Grief and loss are a part of life, especially during a pandemic, and they can not be avoided.

What can we do?

We can learn to take good care of ourselves and each other. 2020 has vividly shown us that life is a roller coaster and we have to learn how to hang on through the dips and curves. We can change and we can do better.

Yvonne Heath is returning to share seven tips on how we can Just Show Up for ourselves and others so we are empowered and resilient when grief and life’s challenges arrive.
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