About the Alberta Hospice Palliative Care Association – AHPCA

AHPCA promotes and supports comprehensive and quality hospice and palliative care in Alberta.

We want to create a robust palliative care community in Alberta, connecting people who will collaborate, innovate and build partnerships.

Join AHPCA, add your voice to our ours to promote quality end-of-life care for ALL Albertans!

Why Join the AHPCA?

Your membership significantly enhances the overall power of the hospice and palliative care movement and gives you:

  • A 50% discount on AHPCA workshops and events and a discounted rate for the Canadian Hospice Palliative Care Association (CHPCA) annual conference
  • An opportunity to connect with people in Alberta’s palliative care community to collaborate, innovate and build partnerships
  • Associate non-voting membership with the CHPCA
  • Newsletters from AHPCA and CHPCA
  • Reduced price on merchandise in the CHPCA Marketplace
  • An opportunity to add your voice to AHPCA’s advocacy efforts on behalf of all Albertans

Your automatic CHPCA associate membership gives you:

Legitimacy: Joint associate status & provincial membership significantly enhances the overall legitimacy of the hospice palliative care movement in Canada.

Credibility in numbers: The larger the associate status & provincial membership base the more effective Associations are in many aspects of their mandates, i.e. awareness raising, fundraising, program development and national standards.

Effectiveness: Joint associate status & provincial membership allows for the pooling of resources to further the overall mandate and support the development and implementation of programs/services across the country. Pooling of resources also minimizes duplication.

Portability: Joint associate status & provincial membership helps ensure that knowledge, programs, services and expertise are portable across the country.

Access: Joint associate status and provincial membership provides access to information, expertise and colleagues all across the country.

Students enjoy a discounted membership rate, a 50% discount on AHPCA workshops and events and an opportunity to connect with people already working in the industry! Note: AHPCA student membership does NOT include any association with CHPCA 

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