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With over two decades in communications, public relations, and strategic planning, Kristen Lawson has cultivated a reputation for delivering impactful narratives in diverse environments. From liaising with national legislative bodies to driving transformative campaigns for major organizations, Kristen's versatility and dedication have consistently stood out.

In both the public and private sectors, Kristen has excelled in merging storytelling with tangible results, drawing accolades and recognition. Beyond the boardroom, Kristen's passion for storytelling is evident. As an Assistant Director and Background Wrangler, Kristen has contributed to several acclaimed productions, showcasing a diverse skill set that thrives both behind a desk and on set.

Kristen continually invests in community and professional development, engaging with various organizations to foster growth and mutual learning. Today, standing at the nexus of communications and innovation, Kristen remains dedicated to bridging ideas and audiences, creating dialogues that inspire and resonate.