The Grumpy and the Grieving

They overshot their seat number on the plane and had to make their way back down the aisle in the airplane against oncoming traffic: a mom, a dad, a child, and an uncle.

As they worked their way back to row 13, a lady stood in their way. She had to move back a touch for them to get by – it was a tight fit. She glared at them as the family maneuvered their way into their seats.

The uncle of the little quartet had his seat across from the family. This required the lady to move a little bit more. As she rearranged her body, so he could get into his seat, he smiled pleasantly at her and said, “No worries, I’m okay,” to let her know that he could get into his seat.

She replied curtly, “Well, I’m not!”

I wanted to say to her, “You’re correct: you’re not okay! You’re a grumpy, old lady without any patience and kindness!”

Kindness and patience are so vitally important with people who are grieving. They are coming back up the aisle, unsure of where they are supposed to go or what they should do.

We can choose to be impatient as they figure out life again or we can be kind and cut them some slack.

Written by Rick Bergh, Bereavement Educator

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